Battle of the Books, a.k.a. BoB


Your student has an opportunity to participate in the annual Battle of the Books at Heritage E-STEM Magnet Middle School!


Students are encouraged to form teams of 2-5 students: they can team up with friends from any House, any grade. Students choose a team name and one person from that team will sign everyone up using the QR codes posted around the school. They can have a mascot or even create their own team T-shirts, if they’d like.


Now, on to the reading! Each team will have 5 months to read some of the Maud Hart Lovelace Nominee Books. (And other award winners...) They will be listed on bookmarks and posters available at school. It is up to the students to determine if or how they will divide the books among team members. The Heritage IMC and Language Arts classrooms will have limited supplies of the titles. Other sources to check out would be the Dakota County Libraries and the St. Paul Libraries.


Teams will compete in a quiz show-style competition at the beginning of April. The answer to each question is the title of one of the books on the list. Teams stay in the game with each correct answer. The top 3 winning teams will receive prizes from the Heritage Boosters (Heritage PTA).


Preliminary rounds to narrow the finalists begin in early spring. Last year, more than 250 students competed in this exciting contest! We would like to encourage everyone to participate and READ, READ, READ.


Heartfelt thanks to the Language Arts teachers, Kathryn Marron, and Heritage staff for all their efforts to promote learning, literacy, and enrichment!  




Let the games begin!